Saturday, March 14, 2009

The World Was All Algow

Towards the end of our snowy day, I was sitting inside, and suddenly I could see through the windows, the clouds parting, then sun setting, and the world was all aglow. It was SO beautiful! I stepped back outside for just a few minutes to capture these images.


Felecia said...

Wow! Looks great! Doesn't snow like that where I live - lol! Not this part of sunny Cali - but the snow is a lot of fun! :D

Btw... my best friend got an awesome camera for her 18th b-day/high school grad gift from her Grandma! Sweet! She's already taken some awesome pix with it. I think I will add her as a co-author to my photo creations blog - between my using the adobe photoshop and her awesome camera, I guess we'll have it made! :D

ShutterflyH said...

Love these pictures!! I found the link to your blog on Kindred Spirit Network. I love all your photography!! God bless!!

Mel said...

I really did just stumble upon this blog. Your pictures are truly beautiful!